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Mill Audit

The quality control regime at Petroleum Pipe is underpinned by an on-going programme of mill audits undertaken not only by ourselves but also directly by our customers. The audits cover the capabilities of the select mills from which the Petroleum Pipe Group sources tubulars, and all practices and procedures throughout each mill's manufacturing process. Upon completion of an audit, a close-out meeting is held at which any non-conformances are addressed - and corrections made where applicable. We always use appropriately qualified and experienced auditors.

Third Party Inspection (TPI)

To verify that tubulars fully meet customer requirements, we can commission a third-party inspection prior to dispatch of the material from the mill / from our stock yard. All inspectors are suitably qualified and experienced. The scope of the inspection may include Full-Length Drift (FLD), Visual Thread Inspection (VTI), check of traceability against certification and physical condition. The exact scope also depends upon any specific customer requirement of course.

Storage and Logistics

Since the founding of the Petroleum Pipe Group in 1975 we have worked exclusively with professional stock yards and freight forwarders who are experienced in the handling of our products, to minimize the risk of damage. We monitor their procedures continuously. With their assistance we can offer any specific packing that a customer may request and prepare the material for immediate rig use if required.